Odor Removal Services

By identifying the cause of the odor and determining the conditions in which it lives, most times odors can often be removed without anyone knowing the odor ever existed. Our pet odor removal services can give your home that clean feeling you’ve been missing.

Odor issues may include:

Pet odor

Urine odor

Smoke odor

Cigarette smoking odor

Dead animal odor


In most cases, the homeowner will buy a scented product to spray around the house or put the product directly on a stain, but this will only mask the odors. The money you will be spending for these products will wind up wasted as the smells will surely return.

Start in the right direction and have one of our experienced technicians come out and give a free consultation to find the best indoor air quality solution for your home or business.

Did you know that most people spend 90% of their life inside a house or office? Do you want to be trapped inside with a returning odor? Most people find themselves spending money on a cariogenic air freshener product, which can become a weekly cycle of buying products that don’t work that also winds up becoming pricey.

IICRC accredited Journeyman Lucas Weakly in Fire & Smoke Damage, Water Damage Restorer, Textile Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Fine Fabrics, Leather Cleaning, and Odor Control. Lucas also has a 100 Hours Of OSHA Manager Certification by OSHA, Authorized by Safety and Health Training Group.

“Can odors be removed using a non-toxic method?”

Yes! Photocatalytic oxidation will in most cases eliminate odors in a single non-toxic treatment. It’s a non-filtration system that uses a lamp to destroy germs with UV light. That light is reflected with the AHPCO catalyst, which produces catalytic molecules, which in turn, seek out and destroy carbon-based molecules. It quickly reduces contaminants caused by VOCs, mold, smoke, bacteria, pets, viruses, and many other allergens.

Leave it to the experts. Give us a call at 434-964-0269 so we can tackle your odor issues today.

What Our Customers Say

“Charlottesville’s Earthly Cleaning is awesome! Lucas and his team are always helpful. I have used their services for 6 years for the many properties I managed. He has always put an effort out to make sure his team meets our expectations. Everyone is very helpful. I would definitely recommend Charlottesville’s Earthly Cleaning services for pet and smoke odor removal. I have been amazed with his work!”
– Justin Homer

“It is rare to find a business owner who can understand special requests as if they’re a small business, while also accommodating the flexibility of scope, timing, and the very high standards that my employer needs. Lucas Weakley achieves this unique balance, and has for the 10 years I’ve enjoyed the high caliber experience of working with him. Simply, the best!”
– Kaylie Donahue, The Dragas Company