Why Cleaning Green is Profitable

Cleaning our home or workplace is a necessity for maintaining an allergy and germ free environment. Unfortunately, not all products are safe to use inside our closed spaces due to the chemicals needed to create these bacterial/allergen clear surroundings. Currently ranked second as the reason poisonings happen in children under the age of five years old are everyday household cleaning substances. For this reason, people who require either commercial cleaning services, or a residential cleaning service, have leaned more towards using environmentally safe and eco-friendly products.

With store bought products that have excessive amounts of multiple synthetic materials contained in a sealed bottle, you risk exposure to the fumes. This happens while you are spraying the chemical into the air, or as you rinse the cloth/sponge in the sink thinking you are washing it away. Rather you are soaking in evaporated fumes created by the products as the chemicals react to the water. Over the years of repeated exposure, illnesses can take place because your body is not equipped to dispose of these materials properly.

Going “Green” has drastically increased over the past decade for commercial cleaning, and has graced more individuals with the opportunity to start businesses based off eco-friendly services. These services provide floor to ceiling green cleaning that is able to remove smoke odor, does pet odor removal, and can even accommodate with dead animal odor removal. How is this possible without all the harsh chemicals you ask? Well, most of the green solutions are plant based, biodegradable, low toxicity, low volatile organic compound content with reduced packaging and has a low life cycle of energy use.

Taking the steps to reduce exposure can decrease harmful impacts to janitors working in schools or for commercial cleaning companies, as well as building residents. Improving your indoor air quality will reduce water and air pollution; along with ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning and removing biological contaminants from inside. Purchasing cleaners in concentrations with appropriate handling safeguards, or recyclable packaging, reduces waste produced and transportation energy. Also, buying less dangerous cleaners can reduce costs when properly disposing of any leftovers.

So let’s think about this for just a moment. Have you ever thought of a way you could save money and keep “green” in your pocket; as well as be able to tackle multiple jobs cleaning around the house without having to open all the windows to vent the place out? Well, did you know vinegar can easily provide mold removal, be your window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, or even an all-purpose cleaner for your home? With this one simple item, you are able to take care of several different jobs without switching products or worrying about bleach stains on your clothes.

Most commercial cleaning companies that work in hospitals these days have switched to using vinegar when cleaning patient’s rooms. Vast amounts of manufacturers that produce green cleaning products take seriously their social responsibility. They often give a fraction of their gains to organizations who continue growth in social, environmental, and educational change. So, buying eco-friendly products from these companies suggests that you are also giving back to your community.

When you begin using environmentally safe, green cleaning products and see how well they work, others will follow your example. Don’t be concerned about how others view you and the steps you are taking to drastically, and safely change your world. Being bashful about green cleaning at home, or at the office through your commercial cleaning service, can hinder other individuals from learning how to protect themselves, their family, and their environment. As we all join in, we can create a healthier planet for all to enjoy and setting that example for our little adults guarantees a brighter future.